Streetsville Historical Society

Located in the heart of Mississauga, Streetsville, “The Village in the City” is a quaint village full of rich history. Streetsville is home to the highest concentration of historical buildings in Mississauga and is also home to the oldest Cenotaph in the city.

Streetsville Historical Society collects, preserves and promotes interest in the general history of the Streetsville area. The focus on the SHS is local history, genealogy and preservation of the rich history of Streetsville.

In addition to offering information sessions, tours and having guest speakers, the Society maintains the Streetsville Archives, located at 4415 Mississauga Rd in the Leslie Log house built in 1826.  

Donations of Photographs, documents scrap books relating to Streetsville may be dropped of at the Leslie Log House on Wednesdays from 1pm till 4 pm. 

If you need to talk to anyone you may call the President at 905-826-7198 

Our hours of operation are Wednesdays and Sundays from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm excluding Statutory Holiday Weekends.

Thank you Hazel

Mississauga’s longtime Mayor and Streetsville Historical Society supporter, affectionately called “Hurricane Hazel” has died aged 101. She will long be remembered.

Hazel McCallion (1921-2023) left her mark on Mississauga. No other person has shaped Mississauga – politically, socially, and physically like Hazel. She was the recognizable face of Mississauga for decades, and the city grew and came of age under her guidance as mayor for 36 years.

Hazel McCallion