Mississauga Amalgamation

From 1974 to Today

The city of Mississauga formed on January 1, 1974. Emerging from the amalgamation of several historic villages, Mississauga’s journey to cityhood was plagued with pushback from the towns that would assimilate into it, especially Streetsville. The formation of a unified municipality from Toronto Township’s historical roots was not a predetermined outcome, with various options under consideration.

Examining archival sources reveals the tumultuous nature of 1973 for the burgeoning municipality. The anticipation surrounding the Provincial decision to form the Region of Peel and allocate three municipalities within it led to a period of ambiguity and apprehension about the future course of action.

Newspaper accounts vividly depict Streetsville’s resistance to the Province’s regional plan and incorporation into the envisioned new city. Despite Streetsville’s efforts to pursue its own growth strategy, the Provincial authorities declined to entertain their arguments, resulting in Streetsville and Port Credit being designated as new wards within the emerging city. The photos below illustrate the public’s opinion of the amalgamation, through protests and newspaper clippings.

Streetsville to this day still celebrates a distinct identity from its parent city, 50 years after its formation.